Review – Kip Moore’s “More Girls Like You”

You can preach about an artist’s potential all day long. But if they never show it, you start to get sick of hearing about them. That’s pretty much where I’m at with Kip Moore. His fans and supporters really love to talk up how he’s got so much talent and could be Eric Church if he just got one more hit or if his label would just let him do his thing. When will this happen? Because I feel like this is a years long story and nothing is changing when it comes to Kip Moore. His last album Wild Ones wasn’t even country, it was forgettable rock music. The best and most memorable song was on the deluxe edition of the album (“Backseat”). I was hoping that Moore would show all of this potential his fans crow about on his new single “More Girls Like You.” He doesn’t. Instead this sounds like a leftover from Wild Ones. It’s not country, it’s once again generic rock music. The lyrics are run-of-the-mill, as it’s a love song you’ve heard so many times already on country radio the last few years. Moore sings about wanting more girls like the one he’s fallen for and I’m immediately bored with this song. Moore tries to make this song sound more meaningful in his explanation before the lyric video starts as you below, but it’s simply not. This sounds like the kind of safe choice his label wants and I’m sure radio will blindly put into the top 20 at the very least (maybe even better with how soft the bottom half of the top 60 on the chart is right now). I can tell you if this song is any indication of the dominant sound on his next album I won’t be reviewing it. “More Girls Like You” is more uninspiring, lackluster fodder for country radio.

Grade: 3/10


Recommend? – Nope

Written by Kip Moore, Steven Olsen, David Garcia and Josh Miller