About Country Perspective

Country Perspective’s Mission Statement

The mission of this blog is to give honest and forthright reviews on country music, Americana, folk and roots music. Along with reviews, there will be various news items and other miscellaneous items posted on here.

This blog will review independent country artists along with mainstream country artists and any kind of artist in-between. Country Perspective will be as honest as possible with both. And by honest I mean brutally honest. We don’t hold back on our reviews and have no problem calling it like we see it. I just want to make sure you know what you’re getting into with this place.

Please keep in mind these are reviews of music. It is simply opinions on the subject at hand. It’s all about the music for us. When we give a song or album a bad review, it is not a personal attack on the artist or their fans, so do not insinuate this. We review the music and just the music. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Feel free to agree or disagree, but in a respectful manner. If you are hostile towards Country Perspective or any commenters in the comments section, I will be forced to take action. Please don’t act like an idiot. This means do not start arguments, turn conversations into stuff about politics and religion and call each other names. This is a place for adults, not children.

I hope this blog helps promote artists who truly deserve more attention and informs you, the readers, more about them and their talent. Not just independent country artists, but any country artist anywhere that deserves more attention. That is one of our main goals. The other main goal is to point out the bad country music because mainstream outlets refuse to do this. Every song is great in their minds. Not so much with us. Basically this site is all about delivering honesty to a genre that badly needs it.

We love to write about country music. We give our honest opinions. We’re not perfect. I think that covers what Country Perspective is all about.

Thanks for visiting Country Perspective!

– Josh